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Air Jordan 1 (I)

After watching Jordan perform a breathtaking three years in North Carolina and co-captain of the Olympic basketball that picked the gold medal, in 1984, MJ was chosen by the Chicago Bulls with the NO.3 Overall pick in that year NBA'S Draft. Nike noted him and realized the potential in him and signed him up to create a line of shoes and clothing.

Disqualified Design- criticism or Marketing trick

A new era in basketball shoe wear design was marked after the production of Air Jordan (I) which was designed by Peter Moore. Unfortunately, there were a lot of counterfeits where other shoe brands made models that had a lot of resemblance with the Air Jordan (I).

In 1985, more publicity and interest for the shoes was realized after the Air Jordan 1 (I)- Black/Varsity Red model was expelled by the NBA. Perhaps this was a marketing trick from Nike.

A smart move with the Original (OG) Air Jordan 1 (I) was that they came with a double set of laces to match the two different colors the shoes had; for example black/red's had one set of black laces and one set of red laces.

In Sneaker news, it shows The Air Jordans 1 (I) were the ones released in the most colorways of all Air Jordans ever released. There were 23 colorways, including the samples, even surpasses the number of Air Jordan 11 (XI) RETROS.

Retro- demands alteration

In 1994, the Air Jordan 1 (I) Retro 1994- White Black – Red and Black/ red were released as Retros and had very low sales. Their popularity was too low and went for sales for $20 at some stores in the US.

Seven years later in the year 2001, they re-retroed them making the demand was greater than before. The sales were too good where some stores sold out in just a few minutes.

Retro Frenzy and Nu'Retro

The release of retros of all sorts went rampant after 2001 Nike/Jordan where in 2002 the Jordan's I's were out as a special Platinum version with Jumpman's on the sides. In the same year, a new concept called Nu'Retro was released which was a modern remake of a classic shoe.

I have been having second thoughts on whether or not to put the NU'Retros on the website, as I have difficulty recognizing if they are "fakes" Air Jordan or not. Currently I decided to add them; however they might die out sometime in the future.

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