ATC is the acronym for "Add to Cart"

On the mornings of every new Nike and Adidas sneaker release, thousands of people wake up bright and early with high hopes of purchasing the sneakers online or by standing outside of a local retail stores, yet they have no success!

Elevated Generation simply takes the hassle out of buying sneakers, with our ATC service. Below is a brief explanation on how this service works.


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1. We charge a fee of $10.00 for the ATC service, which will be purchased through our online boutique.

2. You must go to a local store that sells a reloadable VISA card or MasterCard (i.e., Wal-Mart, CVS, local check-cashing retailer, or online at This card will be used solely to buy sneakers. Any alternative credit card or debit card will not be accepted for our sneaker transactions.

3. Provide me with the card details and your shoe size so I can add it to my secure system. ****PLEASE NOTE*** When adding money to your card make sure you add the applicable state sales tax. For example, for shoes that cost $190.00, the Florida tax will cause the total to be $203.00. It is very important that you make sure there are enough funds to cover the entire transaction. As a rule of thumb, for a simpler way of calculating, you can just add an extra $10.00 if we so happen to miss the sneaker you have a instant credit on the next release so you never lose money with our system.

4. You’re DONE! The magic happens on my side on the day of sneaker release. My system will cart your shoes and automatically checkout for you only if your reloadable VISA or MasterCard card is on file. If your card is not on file, you are then personally responsible for checkout. Let me stress this to you...NOTHING IS GUARANTEED!!! This is not a solid-proof method of getting shoes, however the chances are very highly in your favor.


Our ATC service will be available for sneakers that are restocked online.


On our end, the process for ordering sneakers that are restocked is a little bit different than ordering new releases.

  • - Websites like restocks their sneakers on a random basis.
  • - Our system allows us to see their inventory on a minute to minute basis
  • - Once Nike announces the restock, our system will automatically add the sneaker to the cart. Purchase - Restocked sneakers will follow the same procedure as new releases. Purchases will be made through auto-check out meaning we will need the same information
    ( account and reloadable card info ). Payment
    • - The cost will be $10 per pair of sneakers for the restock service
    • - Payment for our service will be made through our website via Paypal If Nike for some reason does not restock the sneaker that you ordered, you are allowed to cancel the restock and you will be issued a credit that will go towards the next new release. essentially you will never lose money through our service.

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